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About Us

Company Overview

English Club was established in 2017 and specialises in training English Language and Public Speaking Courses. It is run by a team of experienced trainers who have been training Spoken English and Public Speaking for more than a decade. Concept of English Club has evolved with a mission of spreading Spoken English and Public Speaking Courses in the whole world. Special emphasis will be on simple techniques or ways that can make learning of English quite a simple task. Our aim is to impart education in regular training centres as well as online.

English Club has the ideal path for students and jobseekers to get proper knowledge and practice for Spoken English, group discussions and personal interviews. It is the most convenient option for business and working professionals to polish their language, English Speaking Proficiency as well as body language to pursue better career and personality.

English Club provides the best platform to fulfil diverse training needs for individuals and corporations to become more confident, fluent and neutral in their accent.We use a proven methodology to Engage, Educate & Empower our students to act and change the behaviour that will create supreme personality in future.