Monday - friday : 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Call Centre Training


Are you aspiring to work in a International Call Centre but don't know what it entails?

Are you currently in a Call Centre and wish to move up the ladder? If you've been wondering how you can pick up the required skills, then this module is for you. 

Key Features:

  • Introduction to call centre industry Types of Call Centre Functioning of a Call Centre Scope of the Call Centre Industry 

  • Soft Skills Communication skills- Elimination of Grammatical errors Telephonic skills - Outbound / Inbound / Marketing skills Reading Skills - Focus on wave modulation Listening Skills 

  • Accent Accent Neutralisation - Elimination of Mother Tongue Influence(MTI)Jaw Exercises Pronunciation of Consonants & Vowels Rules of Intonations Basics of American & British Accent

  • Personality Enhancement Attitude Management Killing Nervousness & Building Confidence Body language & dress code

  • Preparation for an Interview Resume Development Extempore - Group discussion, Grammar / Aptitude / Listening Test Personal Interview

  • Mock Practise