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Campus Recruitment Training


With the concept of the global village, engineering graduates as well as other graduates are expected to be presentable, display the right attitude, and to be able to blend with the company’s corporate image.

What Companies Expect?

  • MNC Companies are not hiring many Entry Level Candidates
  • Hiring compensation has come down – cost cutting measures
  • Technical Graduates lack Knowledge - application side on Latest Technologies
  • They have to be hired and then trained on latest technical platforms
  • Hiring and Training Costs are going high – A burden to MNC Companies
  • IT or MNC Companies need – Readily billable Professionals
  • Candidates have to perform on Project Task from Day – 1 onwards.

 English Club providing Solution for professional candidates

  • Preparedness to become suitable to MNC Jobs
  • Graduates have to enhance their Employable Skills before leaving Educational Institutions.
  • They should execute a project in their Final Year under the supervision of a Company
  • Project Work should relate the Job Task – Particularly the Career Platform.
  • Final Year Students should have knowledge on transforming their Theoretical Knowledge into Practical Experience.
  • Involvement on a Real Time Project – a very important factor to make you different from other Engineering Graduates.

 Why CRT Program at English Club is necessary?  

  • Hiring for Entry Level Candidates has gone down
  • Less opportunities & More Competition
  • To become successful, Students should become very competent to grab the job opportunities.
  • Campus Recruitment Process to filter the candidates and choose “The Right Candidates”.
  • Proper Campus recruitment training program will only project the candidates as the right candidates to MNC companies.
  • Aptitude Skills: Training on Mathematical Skills
  • Reasoning, Puzzles, Analogies - Practice – oriented Training
  • Verbal Ability ( English ) – Practicing Exercises
  • Soft Skills: Attitude, Positive Thinking, Resume Preparation Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Group Discussion Skills, Job Interview Skills

How English Club can cater to the need?

English Club  introduces STEPS (Strategic Training to Equip Professional Skills) module, trains the graduates to equip with all the skills required to match these expectations.

STEPS  is a comprehensive Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) program which is exclusively designed for the students preparing for campus recruitment and is geared towards ensuring that the students are well equipped to get through the recruitment process of various MNC companies by gathering the inputs from the job-seekers and placement-providers. The STEPS comprehensive training ensures that our students can handle the recruitment process irrespective of the company that comes onto the campus or out of it, and grab those coveted job offers from top MNC companies.

An overview of the STEPS training module

STEPS CRT module covers the following areas:

  • Aptitude (Quantitative Aptitude + Reasoning + Verbal)             
  • Technical Skill Development          
  • Communication Skill Development
  • Mock Group Discussions      
  • Mock Interviews


  • Curriculum for aptitude designed based on assessments conducted by the Corporate Sector.
  • Discussion of concepts on Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, Verbal & Technical.
  • Relevant worksheets covering the topics will be shared with the trainees.
  • Application based pedagogy for soft skill modules.
  • Interactive sessions.
  • Assessment tests & personalized feedback.
  • Mock Group Discussions & Mock Interviews

Best features of our module:

  • Interactive sessions
  • Company specific papers
  • Comprehensive training
  • Faculty (ideal, experienced)
  • Mock interviews
  • Individual Feedback

Colleges interested in STEPS Training program can contact us through the email or can call us on +91-9668158007, 0674-2977377 for details and further discussions.

CRT includes comprehensive training on the following:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Verbal Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Personal interview
  • Resume writing.